3 Benefits of a Tub to Shower Conversion for Hotels

Tub to Shower ConversionAs a hotel owner, you must cater to your guests’ needs. Their comfort level is a high priority because you want them to recommend your hotel or stay with you again, whether it is on their next vacation or business trip. At American Bath Remodeling, we want to help make your guests as comfortable as possible with a bathroom renovation. Discover three reasons you should let us handle the entire tub to shower conversions for your hotel.

Safety- If your guests have to take a bath, then there is an increased risk of someone slipping and falling. It can be safer for people to stand while showering rather than trying to stand up on a wet surface.

Energy Efficient- People tend to use less water during a shower than when filling a tub for a bath. This means your hotel can be more energy efficient.

Preference- Converting tubs to showers can make smaller spaces feel bigger, giving your guests a more comfortable bathroom. The majority of people prefer to take a shower over a bath. Your guests should feel right at home when they are staying at your hotel, so you should consider a tub to shower conversion for each room.

These are just a couple reasons why you should let us renovate your bathrooms. For additional information, give us a call at (888) 826-2284 today.