Bathrooms are the most private, and one would hope, comfortable and secure spots in any business, hotel, or housing project. That means they need to be well maintained and kept up.

Bathrooms don’t come cheap, and they certainly aren’t something to skimp on. As that old saying goes ‘When it’s done right, they won’t know you’ve done anything at all.’ Of course, when you do it above and beyond, they’re sure to take note! When we remodel a bathroom, we are looking for guests to notice. They need to see the marble countertops. The luxurious jacuzzi tub. We want to see their face light up at the accent lighting.

But if it’s anything less than that it quickly becomes a pain for your visitors, guests. An unsightly color, a leaky faucet, an ‘old’ smell.

To avoid that, it is necessary to keep your bathrooms up to date, fresh, just like you do your rooms, lounges, or any other space. And we do that through the power of bathroom remodeling.

What Goes Into a Bathroom Remodel?

Simply put, a bathroom remodel is a broad term for any sort of redesign, revamp, or renovation of an existing bathroom. While the bathroom isn’t built from whole cloth, the remodel itself can be an entirely transformative process. The changes can be as deep as moving features, lighting and even adding more square footage! Most commonly a remodel targets a few things. Bathtubs, showers, vanities, and walls.

Bathtub Remodel

There are a number of ways to remodel a bathtub. You can go for a bathtub liner, an easier way to renovate multiple bathrooms without having to remove the tub in each one. The liners are made from the same scratch-resistant DuraBath® SSP that our full tubs are made from, so the quality is consistent throughout.

You can also replace the tub entirely. For our customers, hotels, resorts, universities, military or public housing, the bathrooms need to be at a standard across the board. For that we use our scratch-resistant DuraBath® SSP. They don’t chip, they don’t rust, they don’t crack, they don’t fade. When remodeling a number of bathrooms at once, it pays to use someone who uses such uniform, quality features.

Converting tubs to showers is another method of remodeling a bathtub. For this, much more thorough job, a factory trained technician will remove the existing tub and add in the new fixtures and wall surround. Changing a tub to a shower can free up some square footage, making a smaller bathroom so much more inviting!

Vanities Remodel

Vanities see a lot of wear and tear over their lifespan. Replacing the existing fixture with quality granite or quartz can elevate the look of the bathroom for years to come.

Shower Remodel

When renovating a shower, sometimes you need a whole new base, sometimes a liner is all that’s necessary. With our DuraBath® SSP base and liners, the process of updating a shower for any size of wall surround has never been easier. And, just like the other DuraBath® SSP products, they are resistant to chipping, rust, cracks, and fading. Upgrading an old buster shower with one of these will keep that fresh classic look, for longer.

Wall Surround Remodel

If a bathroom smells particularly old or musty, this is caused by all that moisture coming from the various fixtures getting into the walls. Your current shower or wall surround might not be doing its job and letting excess moisture into the walls, not only creating that smell, but also deteriorating the quality of the room at a rapid rate.

Getting a new, custom fit wall surround can help that, and put up a bright new look in your bathroom. Take a look at some of our custom wall surrounds to see just how bright and new your bathrooms can look.

Toilet Remodel

Toilets can, like showers, be another place where excess moisture works its way into walls and floors. A toilet remodel, while perhaps one of the most critical steps in bathroom remodeling is simple to do. Simply replace it! With a quality toilet made from fine parts and installed by factory trained professionals, there won’t be any worry for malfunctions or mistakes.

When to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

Not sure if it is time for a remodel? Here are some of the most common signs that point to it being time to update the restrooms.

First, there may be actual repairs necessary. Repairs and remodeling are different things entirely, of course. A remodel is needed when the aesthetics or state of the bathroom in question is just too much to handle. A repair is when anything itself no longer works, is broken down, or falling apart. Now a remodel can involve repairs, replacing broken faucets with functioning ones for instance, but it is not the central goal. Keep that in mind. A bathroom can work fine but still use a remodel, especially in industries like hospitality. Resorts aren’t trying to market ‘it works,’ they want to sell ‘it is luxurious.’


Outdated colors? Every era has its style when it comes to architecture, it is no different for bathrooms. Those styles say a lot about your business whether or not you want them to. If you have a sleek, modern lobby but your bathroom is floored with wood laminate or that seafoam green, that’s what the guests will remember. It’s a disconnect that might seem novel, but more likely than not will look unprofessional. Get in there and bring your bathroom up to the times!

Not So Scent-sational

Bathrooms tend to acquire odors over time, especially if they aren’t properly ventilated and cared for. It doesn’t have to be a disgusting bathroom smell, your nose can detect that ‘old’ bathroom scent even when clean.  A good bathroom remodeling will see seals getting replaced, leaks spotted and repaired, or windows and ventilation built in. Not only will this create a fresh feel to the room, it will keep it lasting even longer with more ventilation.

Light It Up

If your bathrooms are blinding visitors, or so dim you have to rely on a sense of touch, it is a safe bet for a bathroom remodel. Rewiring lights to be in better, more advantageous positions, using bulbs better suited for the space provided (as well as being energy efficient) can turn a bathroom around.

There are plenty of reasons why to remodel a bathroom, but when it comes down to it, the biggest is this: the bathroom has reached the end of its lifespan, for whatever reason that may be. To ensure the next evolution of your bathroom has as prolonged a lifespan as it can, you need to hire quality, factory trained professionals who use the highest-rated, quality parts available.

You need to hire American Bath Remodeling, Inc.