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3 Benefits of a Bathtub to Shower Conversion for Hotels Part 2

Bathtub to Shower ConversionIn a previous post, we discussed some benefits of converting bathtubs to showers in hotels. If you are in the hotel industry, you know the most important thing is being hospitable to every guest. One way to make your guests feel welcome is to give them the comforts of home. Discover how a bathtub to shower conversion will allow your visitors to feel right at home.

Luxurious- Showers are often viewed as a more elegant feature over a bathtub because you can customize the look. You can choose the type of glass and style of the doors.

Spacious- Showers are more open than bathtubs, which makes the entire bathroom feel more spacious. If the bathroom is small, it can make your guests feel like they are cramped in their room. With a more open bathroom, your guests will be more comfortable with additional space.

Happy Customers- A newly renovated shower, will make your customers happy because they feel appreciated. You are more likely to get repeat customers when your bathrooms are remodeled because it conveys a bright, clean feeling.

If you are interested in bathtub to shower conversions for your hotel or business, you can contact us at (888) 826-2284 right now. We can walk you through the process step-by-step, so you know what to expect.