What to Update During a Commercial Bathtub Remodel Part 2

Commercial Bathroom RemodelPreviously we compiled a list of the bathroom essentials to update during a commercial bathroom renovation. Many critical features in a bathroom should be updated, but we understand you might not be able to renovate the entire bathroom completely. We want to discuss which items will have the most impact on the outcome.

Vanities- Typically, people spend time brushing their teeth or washing their hands, so it is essential to have an upgraded vanity. Whether you are updating the countertop or sink, the vanity is a necessary part of the bathroom.

Lighting- If you do not have the proper lighting in the bathroom, it can seem dark and small which will make your guests uncomfortable. Brighter lights can highlight the features in the bathroom.

Paint- When choosing a color for the walls, whether it is paint or wallpaper, you should stick to neutral tones. This way you do not have to worry about changing trends.

These are just a few items to keep in mind during your commercial bathroom remodel. Our team can help you design a layout that will work for each bathroom in your hotel or business. Contact us today at (888) 826-2284 to discuss details about the upcoming commercial renovation.